Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Inspiration Journalling

  I've already talked about how important it is to journal; I'm now going to suggest that you keep an Inspiration Journal.  Keep this one in your studio, somewhere where it's EASY TO FIND!  This journal is intended as the one thing you pick up when you need anything from a gentle nudge, to a kick up the backside (to quote one of my creative friends...).  It will become your own personal creativity coach.  It will remind you of all the things you thought you really 'ought' to do one day.  It will have inspirational quotes, thoughts and statements, some of which you will find for yourself, some of which you will ask for, from your friends and fellow artists.  It will support you through good times, bad times and all the bits in between. 

Your inspiration journal needs to be large enough and strong enough for you to be able to write, draw and  paint in.  It needs to be able to cope with collage.  You should put pockets in the front and back, so that you can keep odd bits of  paper or clipped out articles in safety.  You could consider giving it its own box to live in, so that you can keep a number of pens and pencils beside it, for easy grabbing!  It could be an altered book, if you like.  If you're not overly concerned about aesthetics, you could use a spiral bound folder, with plastic see through envelopes to hold your journalling...actually, I like that idea.  I'm in bed with flu at the moment, but as soon as I'm well enough to get into the studio, I'm going to make one just like that.  If you'd like to make one with me, make sure you have a folder, glue, see through envelopes, and card or other material for making the pockets.

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