Sunday, 7 October 2012

Creativity Prompt and Challenge : Combining Words

Language is wonderful.  It develops, grows and changes with the culture it sprang from.  Each word has its own meaning, sometimes more than one.  For example, Red Square in Moscow is widely known, but did you know that the word red in Russian (krasni) used to mean 'beautiful'; hence, Red Square is really 'Beautiful Square', as well as Red Square. 

Words are even more interesting when you combine them.  This particular creativity prompt is an exercise, involving three words...  Blue, Dream, Canary.  The challenge is to take those three words, and make a piece that includes a reference to each of those three words.  You can make the reference as direct or as indirect as you wish... but you have only one hour to make the piece (so keep it small!). 

If you complete the challenge, please email me a picture, and we'll create a gallery for your work! 

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